design a class in python that represents complex numbers and supports important oper 5187874

Design a class in Python that represents complex numbers and supports important operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. For the Pyhton version you will need to implement the following functions for each operation:

op: Complex × Complex → Complex

op: Complex × double → Complex

op: double × Complex → Complex

Where op is one of +, -, *, or /. In addition, you will need to overload the stream insertion operator

A constructor must be defined as well as overloading the assignment operator to allow for implicit conversion from doubles to Complex. Any other methods you deem appropriate should also be included. The more complete your class the better.

The Python version you should also include functions for converting from complexes to strings.

The required files for this project are: a complex.h file that contains the declaration of the complex class, The python files required are a file.

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