describes five leadership styles

DB 1: What I have Observed

Recall a past or present manager.  Which of the five Leadership Grid styles does or did your manager use most often.  Describe the behavior.  Successful or unsuccessful?

DB 2: Video Case Study

Video case (remember to open the link in a new tab  or cut and paste the link into your browser if needed, select Chapter 3 from the chapters,  and then select video):

Motivation at Washburn Guitar (7:05)

Video Link (Links to an external site.)

In your discussion, address the three questions listed below:

1. What motivates most employees at Washburn guitars?

2. What kinds of guitars do employees most like to produce?

3. What is the connection between quality guitars and workforce motivation?



Recall a past or present manager.  Which of the five Leadership Grid styles does or did your manager use most often?  Describe the behavior.  Successful or unsuccessful?

After recalling all the managers I’ve had in the last 18 years, I realized how dysfunctional and depressing my current organization is in.  My organization has been transitioning and no-one is really telling everyone at the bottom (like myself) what’s really going on.  This is not a good feeling to say the least.  I’ve had two Directors that were in my district area within the last two months.  I just learned that the leadership is about to change again next month.  But to touch on my two Directors.  The reason why I am speaking about the both is because they act/behave the same.  I can understand why they’re a duo in managing.  But to me they’re Middle of the Road.  The reason is I work for one of the largest medical equipment organizations and we are literally all over the US in every hospital, clinic, trauma units, etc.  The point is for these facilities to only use our company’s products and we take care of all other miscellaneous things.  My current Directors are genuinely concerned with employees and our overall performance, but we rarely see them face-to-ace any more.   I cannot speak for my colleagues, but I feel misled.  They assured all employees in my area that they would be available if needed.  That has not been the case for a month.  As far as our numbers above average, but it’s falling in the trauma area.  Majority of all the employees are assigned to present to at least six to eight trauma centers or units per week.  I think the issue is we could all use more assistance in this area, and I know they can see this is the case, because data is data.  It seems to me; they do not care that the numbers in the trauma area are mediocre.  They know that when corporate steps in its not to lash out at them—its employees at the bottom.  No matter how much I ask for assistance it’s not granted.  It is becoming a huge headache.  I hate to find out whom will be my Director next month.  All I can do in the meantime is pray.

1. What motivates employees at Washburn guitars?

I think the employees are motivated by the idea that there are so many customers across the world whom are using a guitar that they made.  This warms the hearts of Washburn employees and encourages them to continue to make guitars.  Employees are motivated by the positive feedback that they’ve heard and read for many years.  There are so many dedicated customers of Washburn guitars and they are not the company knows it.  Employees must be motivated after all the acknowledgement they receive.

2. What kind of guitars do most employees like to produce?

I think that employees like to make all the guitars, because they enjoy their jobs.  But I can understand how the more expensive guitars would probably be a favorite to most of them.  I think this is valid because I think a little extra twist is put into making the guitar, especially if they know whom purchased the guitar.

3. What is the connection between quality guitars and workforce motivation?

I think the connection between quality guitars and workforce motivation is very parallel, because the employees at Wash urn are very verbal and optimistic about the guitars they make.  The employees do not second guess what they have put all their soul into producing.  I think it would be an insult to them if someone thought otherwise.   The employees are kind of like kids on Christmas Day, they are overwhelmed with happiness and joy when they see what they created for others to enjoy.  The employees were absolutely born to do their jobs, because they do it with such sophistication.

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