Describe your reactions and/or any issues related to your interaction with a client during your field education experience.

Total of 2 separate processing recording (please see attached example)

Please see example/format-You must make your own scenario of interview/assessment with a youth ages 10-18 entering a foster care shelter

Total pages with dialogue included 2-4 pages

A process recording is a written tool field education experience students, field instructors, and faculty use to examine the dynamics of social work interactions in time. Process recordings can help in developing and refining interviewing and intervention skills. By conceptualizing and organizing ongoing activities with

social work clients, you are able to clarify the purpose of interviews and interventions, identify personal and professional strengths and weaknesses, and improve self-awareness. The process recording is also a useful tool in exploring the interpersonal dynamics and values operating between you and the client system through an analysis of filtering the process used in recording a session.


For this Assignment, you will submit a process recording of your field education experiences specific to this week.

Provide a transcript of what happened during your field education experience, including a dialogue of interaction with a client.

Explain your interpretation of what occurred in the dialogue, including social work practice or theories, and explain how it might relate to intervention covered this week.

Describe your reactions and/or any issues related to your interaction with a client during your field education experience.

Explain how you applied social work practice skills when performing the activities during your process recording.


Name of interviewer:

Name of person playing role:



  Verbal content and intonation Nonverbal Content Reflection
Interviewer  Hello    
Client Hi    
Interviewer  Hi my name is Christina. And your name is  Offer to shake hands  
Client  Carol    
Interviewer  Ok Hi Carol. Uhm I am the social worker here at the hospital. Your doctor has asked me to speak with you about some options you may have cause uh ah I was told that you were a teenager still and that you are pregnant. I was hoping to meet with you so I was hoping to meet with you to just discuss with you some options that you may have Is that the understanding that you had for today?  laughed nervously I was too worried about saying the right thing that I was talking faster then I was thinking
Client  Yes it is  Seems unsure as to why here  I smiled to ease the tension
Interviewer  Ok, so tell me a little bit about your self    
Client Oh like….    
Interviewer Before you start let me clarify everything you say here is going to be between me and you. Unless of course you tell me that someone has been hurting you or you have plans to hurt someone else or yourself then I will have to report it. Otherwise what you say will be between me and you. I didn’t mean to interrupt you but I wanted to make sure that you understood that.    I should have let her finish and then mentioned this instead of interrupting
Client  Ok I understood that.  Loosens up a little  Knows purpose of meeting so is relaxing
Interviewer  So do you want to tell me a little bit about your situation, how old you are, where are you living right now?    
Client  Ok I’m 17    
Interviewer  ok    
Client  I live with my girlfriend… Hesitant to talk about situation  
Interviewer  Ok    
Client  And uhm yeah we stay in an apartment.  Looking at hands instead of me  Can tell is unsure of what to tell me
Interviewer  Ok so you guys stay in an apartment do you guys pay the rent or is there, is there someone older living in this apartment?    I should have asked a few more questions to clarify for myself, instead of jumping to conclusions
Client  No my girlfriend is 35.  Quick to correct me  
Interviewer  Oh ok I guess I should have clarified that better. Uhm so does she, is she kind of helping you out right now or  fidgeting  I was not expecting this answer and should have been more anticipatory that this could be the situation
Client  Yeah    
Interviewer  Uhm so you’re living with your girlfriend do you have any family around here or?    
Client  I have family but they disowned me when they found out I was gay.  Less defensive in body language  Must be becoming more comfortable
Interviewer  Oh ok so they kind of said that you couldn’t come home or anything so then you ended up pregnant and then…    
Client  No I didn’t.    
Interviewer  Which came first, is what I’m trying to get at?    
Client  What me being gay or?    Unsure of what I was asking
Interviewer  You coming out to your parents or being pregnant?    
Client  Uhm kind of like both.    
Interviewer  Both?    
Client  Yeah I was dating a guy and I told him I was kind of like cheating on him with this woman and uhm he raped me.  Looking around at floor and room  May be nervous to disclose
Interviewer  Oh ok. So it wasn’t a consensual conception?  Was looking at notes instead of client  Didn’t react with empathy, kind of blew off the situation
Client  No.    
Interviewer  Ok so have you uhm worked on, have you met with anybody to discuss some of the things that have happened?  fidgeting  I realized that I had done this and am now unsure how to deal with the topic
Client  No    
Interviewer  Ok so have you been feeling is this something that you’re depressed about? That you would maybe seek some other help besides speaking with me about some issues that you might be dealing with?    
Client  Maybe, this is actually like the first time that I’ve talked to anybody about this besides with my girlfriend    Must be more comfortable and trusting of me to disclose information
Interviewer  Oh ok, right. Well I’m glad you feel that you can tell me this information because obviously you told me that you’ve never really talked to anybody about this. So thank you for trusting me with this information. Uhm do you think maybe you would want to seek some help to maybe deal with some of the feelings you may be having right now?  Fidgeting again  
Client  Like well, who do you think I would talk to, I can’t continue to talk to you about this?  Looking at me like, what help are you?  Must be questioning why they are talking to me if I can’t help
Interviewer  I, I, I’m really willing to help you with this but I do know that I’m not, I don’t have a degree in therapy, I I I’m not a licensed therapist but I am more than willing to sit here and help you discuss some issues but if you are having some deeper issues with things it might be helpful to get another outside person to talk to as well.  fidgeting  Not thinking before I speak, trying to avoid uncomfortable silence, not finding the right words
Client  Ok and you could help me do that?  Looking down at floor  
Interviewer  Yes I could help you get in touch with somebody that would be better suited to discuss this but I am more than willing to help you through your pregnancy to you know make sure you make the right decisions about things.  relaxing  I don’t think I got my point across as well as I had hoped to
Client  Ok ok sounds good.  Small smile  
Interviewer  Uhm so you’re living with your girlfriend right now, and we’re, how far along pregnant are you?    
Client  Four months    
Interviewer  Four months. Are you planning on keeping the baby or?    
Client  Yes we’re going to be a family.    
Interviewer  Ok, well that’s so you’re not dealing with raising a child by yourself because you are 17 and that would be pretty hard to do. Are you still in school right now?    I need to take more time in asking my questions
Client  Yeah I’m in my last year.    
Interviewer  Ok, are you planning on finishing then even after you have the baby?    
Client  Uh huh.  nodding  
Interviewer  Ok I’m glad to hear that. Are you thinking about trying to go to college after that or are you thinking that you’re going to get a job and raise your child or?    
Client  Uhm I’m thinking I want to go to college. I know it’ll be hard but my baby is due around the summer time so I’ll probably take that first semester off and maybe get back to school in the spring.  Looking around the room  Maybe unsure how to answer the question. Is she answering how she thinks I want her to?
Interviewer  Ok well I know that I can help you with that too. I can help you to get the resources you need to maybe you know get enrolled in college and to figure out what you are going to do and maybe some help to you know get some child care and options and like that while you attend school so you can fulfill that goal.    
Client  Yeah that would be great. Yeah cause I don’t want to be totally dependent upon my girlfriend to take care of me.  smiling  
Interviewer  Yeah I understand you want to be independent in case you know something happened that you would be able to take care of your child.    Did I jump to a conclusion too soon
Client  Yeah.    
Interviewer  Well I’m glad to hear that. I think our next step would be to set up some future sessions and get you in touch with someone with some therapy and we could maybe work on getting you the topics about childcare and getting you enrolled in college.    
Client  Ok yeah that sounds great.  smiling  
Interviewer  Hopefully we’ll make sure to do that then.    
Client  Ok thank you.  smiles  

Process Recording Questions

1. How is school right now?

2. Can you tell me about your friends, what do you do for fun?

3. What would make school better for you?

4. How would you describe your classes, hard, boring, easy? And what makes them that way?

5. What do you like/dislike about school?

I had originally planned to do my process recording from the viewpoint of a school social worker. As I met with my partner and we worked on this, our topic changed and therefore my questions were not valid.

Peer Review

Christina made use of many effective skills in her interview. She also had a few areas that I identified that she could work on for future interviews.

Christina did a good job of stating the purpose of our meeting in the beginning. She clarified her role and the role that I had. She also made sure to state that she was a mandated reporter but that our conversation would otherwise be confidential.

Christina did a good job at listening to what I had to say and relaying the information back to me by using paraphrasing. At the same time she did a good job of maintaining her presence in the interview, I felt that she was present the entire time that our interaction was taking place.

Another good thing that Christina did was to recognize the efforts I as the client had already made towards my situation as well as identifying goals that could be of use to the client.

Also during the interview Christina did a good job at picking up on the clues that I was throwing out that there may be more going on besides my pregnancy that I wish to deal with.

She tried to build trust by stating to the client that she was glad that the information was shared and made an agreement to work on goals in the future.

Things that Christina may want to work on are as follows. She should slow down the interview. She appeared to not want to pause but to keep talking the entire time, rushing the interview. It is ok to pause and take a moment to reflect on what is being said.

Also Christina needs to work on not doubting her ability, as what appeared to happen when she was discussing using another source of help for therapy. She should have more confidence on what she has to offer the client.

Also it is important for Christina not to make judgments or assumptions, as she did when discussing the client’s relationship with her girlfriend.

Personal Critique

After reviewing what was said during my interview as well as what was mentioned in my peer review, I realize that I have several things that I would like to work on in future interviews. For example I feel that I rush things in my interviews, I do not take time to pause and reflect on what it being said. I think I am trying to avoid uncomfortable pauses and it is causing me to stumble over my words or to not think if the appropriate words that I am looking for. An example of this is when I am talking about seeking therapy, what I meant to say is that I may not have the expertise on this subject and instead it sounds like I am doubting my ability to work with this client.

Another area that I feel I need to work on is my ability to empathize with my client. I think I am afraid of being too empathetic and using statements such as I understand, or I know how you feel. Because of this I grazed over the statement of my client mentioning that she had been raped and didn’t reply in the most appropriate way.

Another area to work on would be the fact that I interrupted my client in the beginning of our interview. I realized that I had forgotten to mention confidentiality to my client. Instead of letting her speak I interrupted her to make my point. I think this may impinge upon my ability to build a relationship with my client because it may make them feel that I am trying to stick to an agenda instead of working with their problem.

I also think that I may need to be more culturally aware of different relationships. I didn’t take into consideration that when my client said girlfriend that this may mean someone other than a friend. Had I maybe asked more questions to clarify I would have avoided making this assumption. Although this did not hinder my ability to relate it may have affected my relationship because the client may not feel that I understand her if I am not thinking in this way. I also think that maybe I tried to take too much control of the situation and that maybe I should have let the client come up with goals on her own. I almost feel as if I tried to impose too many of my expectations onto her.

I do think that I also had some effective skills in my interview. I think that I did a good job of addressing the work that the client has already done to improve her situation as well as identify goals that could be worked upon. I also think that I did a good job of getting my client to open up and let me know of other concerns besides just the pregnancy that she may have had, for example the goal of attending college. I do not feel that I made too many drastic mistakes but the ones that I did make are some that I can work on improving.

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