demonstrate that they can analyze the given case study students are required to draw 5047325

Purpose: This assessment will allow students to demonstrate that they can analyse the given case study. Students are required to draw use case, Domain model, System Sequence modelling diagrams for the given case study, justify the choose of modelling tools, and explain the conclusions. This assessment contributes to learning outcomes c and d.
Value: 30% Due Date: Week 11 Assessment topic: Creating UML Diagrams according to the case study Submission requirements details: Report to be submitted on Moodle by Sunday of Week 11, 11:55pm.
Task Details: The case study is the same for assessment 1 and 2 and is provided in assessment 1 details. In assignment 1 the requirement gathering step was completed with some requirement modelling. For assignment 2 you need to take the processes of system analysis and design further.
Assignment 2 report must contain at least the following sections:
1. Use Cases: Provide name and complete description of at least three use cases for the system discussed in the case study and draw related use case diagrams. 2. Activity Diagram: Provide activity diagrams for all use cases. 3. Sequence Diagrams: Provide sequence diagrams for all use cases. 4. Domain Model Class Diagram: Provide domain model class diagram 5. State Machine Diagram: Provide at least one state machine diagram. 6. User Interface: Provide a final user interface design by using dialogue and storyboard methods. 7. Conclusion: provide a summary and recommendations. In all UML diagrams such as Use Case, Class, Object and activity diagrams, clearly present your finding of the system interactions and use accurate technical language, abbreviations and symbols.


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