define each of the key terms listed below these terms can be located in the reading 5135600

Define each of the key terms listed below. These terms can be located in the reading material. Upload the completed document to Blackboard.

Business Process: (the process which start with goal and ends with achievement the goal)


Controlling (CO)

Data:(bunch of information that you collect to analysis or use for specific reason)

Effective:(illustrates how well a process achieved the organizational goals with which it is aligned)

Efficient:(how we did in our standard process from the standpoint of time, quality and resources being consumed)

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP):

Financial Accounting (FI)

Functional Silos: (It is an individual business work which is separated to sub gatherings and has its own particular systems and works parallel with different associations)

Human Capital Management

Information:(any single thing that you think is an important to know about a specific thing)

Information System: (is a software that you allow to save, organize, and analyses data)

Integration:(the demonstration or process or an occurrence of coordinating)

Inventory Management (IM)


Manufacturing Execution (ME)


Procurement (MM)

Non-value added activities

Production Planning (PP)

Sales and Distribution (SDSAP

Shared Devices

Value-added activit

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