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Data Collection:   Interview someone from the cultural group of the country you are researching.  In addition, you are to interview someone from your own cultural/family group and compare/contrast all answers.  Both interviewees are to answer the following questions either directly or indirectly.


Background Information:            

What is your ethnic background?

Did your family immigrate to the United States?                         

            If yes, how many generations ago?

Do you have a religious affiliation?

            If yes, what is it?


Direct Questions:            

What foods are indicative of your culture?  What foods items are needed to make a meal for you?

How many meals do you eat every day?  Do you snack?

Who usually shares the meals?

Who prepares the meals?

Where is food normally consumed?

How is food normally consumed?

How do your food habits differ from your family norms?  In what significant ways do they differ?

What are symbolic meanings of food known to your culture?

Do you have any food ‘taboos’?

What are the major holidays you and your family celebrate each year?

What special foods are served for these holidays?

Do you fast?  If yes, when?  What, if any, foods are avoided and/why?

What foods (if any) do you eat to improve strength, endurance, and/or vitality?

What foods do you avoid to prevent illness or disease?

What foods do you eat to stay healthy?

What foods did your mother (or caregiver) feed you when you were sick?

What foods do you desire now when you are sick?

What foods do you eat to cure illnesses or disease?

What (if any) home, popular, or traditional therapies involving food, herbs, and/or vitamins and minerals do you utilize?

Why or why not?

What outside influences impact your consumption of your cultural foods?

What outside influences impact your beliefs of therapeutic uses of food?

How has the American culture influenced your cultural habits and traditions?

How do you feel your cultural habits and traditions have influenced American culture?


ANSWERED ALL THIS QUESTION BELOW + compare and contrast (asian culture and american culture) with all this question below. 



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