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Critical Thinking: Case Study – Cost Containment
Choose a current event pertaining to an effort to contain costs or review this case study:
Manzoli, L., Di Candia, V., Flacco, M. E., Panella, M., Capasso, L., Sargiacomo, M., & … Muraglia, A. (2012). The impact of health policy: the extreme case of Abruzzo, Italy. International Journal of Care Pathways, 16(4), 115-121. doi:10.1177/2040402613479343
Write a four- to six-page report evaluating the case and providing your recommendations for this case. Your report should address the following substantive requirements:
• Description of what occurred, who was affected, and rationale
• Assessment of the case from the following perspectives:
o Health reform – Illustrate how this case and your role as administrator are different now due to changes in health law and expectations from health reform.
o How cost containment plays a factor in your decision.
• Recommendations for implementation of procedures or partnerships to continue containing costs and increasing efficiency.

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