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Criminal charges

Criminal charges: In the interest of conducting a lively, engaging discussion, please keep the following in mind: Opposing viewpoints are key to any vibrant discussion, but remember to use internet etiquette and be respectful of your classmates’ views and opinions. Provide constructive feedback or ask clarifying questions if you do not understand a classmate’s comment. Most importantly, have fun interacting with the unit content, your classmates, and your instructor!

Beth wrote:  Under 11-52-7(b), Joe faces criminal charges. Meaning that under this statute, Joe would be punished “by up to a year in prison” (11-52-7(b) p.2). This is because, according to the statute, Joe knowingly lied on the social media forms, which is considered a computer crime. Also, according to 11-52-7(b), it does not matter whether the account is private to a few viewers or not, entering any false data is considered criminal. Even “emailing information you know not be is a crime…” (11-52-7(b) p.2), so Joe is now considered a criminal. Though, I do agree with the case itself. The statute does go against the First Amendment. The First Amendment for freedom of speech was enacted for people to be able to say what they wanted. In this day and age, freedom of speech has moved to social media and other forms of computer correspondence. I do not believe Joe should be in any trouble. He was playing a joke on his friend. Yes the information is false, but since Bobby is looking forward to the game, he and everyone else should know when it starts. Joe also wasn’t intentionally hurting anyone. According to the case, this statute “was based in 1989…” (11-52-7(b), pg 8), so the information it has on computer crimes would be obsolete now since there is so much more we can do with computers now than in 1989. Though, however much I do not agree with the statute itself, the law is the law, even if you don’t know what some of them are, or understand the laws, you still have to abide by them. And Joe, if living in Rhode Island, is participating in a computer crime and can be found, arrested, prosecuted, and sentenced under this statute.write back to beth with 150 words minimum given her your opinion on what she wrote

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