Creating a Sustainable Value Chain in Ethiopia.

I posted a model of 7 files, read to answer the question, it’s a case study again it’s a case study .

all assignment info in the assignment file uploaded with the question and files .

It has to be :

1-Complete and organized submissions that adhere to all assignment instructions.

2-High quality submissions that clearly demonstrate understanding of course materials.

3-Properly formatted submissions demonstrating professional, college- level tone, no spelling or grammar errors and well- documented sources (when applicable).

  1. Case study 2:  Meta Abo Brewery: Creating a Sustainable Value Chain in Ethiopia. 

Q.1. is local sourcing so important to Diageo? Discuss (40 points):

Using the rubric, in the content, you will list the advantages of local sourcing.

In application, you will discuss the importance of local sourcing in about 220 words (minimum).

read grading rubric . write with focusing on content don’t write something just to fill out words.

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