Create A Policy And Procedure On Validating A Request To Release Records

In the previous modules, you have been utilizing Vlab software systems to work in actual electronic record software systems. Based on your use of the softwares, you will now create a combined policy/procedure for one of the functions in your new clinic’s EHR which will support the data integrity of the health record and use of the health information.

  1. Create a Policy/Procedure for Validating a Request to Release Records.
  2. Use the Policy format example found in the Meditech Delinquency Reporting Assignment as a guide and example to prepare this policy/procedure.
  3. At a minimum, complete the policy title, date, purpose, definitions (at least one term used in the policy/procedure must be defined), policy and procedure. Policy Template
  4. In preparing the policy and procedure steps, the assignment completed in previous module eSmartlog Evaluation Release of Information Requests will be helpful and beneficial to you.
  5. Use a resource page and proper citations for the definitions included.

Lab Activity Assignment – Grading Rubric

Hints: You have already done the above function in Week 3. To write a policy/procedure, sometimes it is helpful to go through the function yourself and document as you go along. Once your procedure is written, follow the procedure yourself to make sure the instructions are clear and that you did not miss any steps. Screen shots should be used as they can be very helpful in documenting procedures

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