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Ice Cream Order Project

We will simulate a small business that sells ice cream. A flavor, a type of container, an ingredient if any, and the number of scoops represent an ice cream order.
When a customer places an order, the clerk will select the date and the time the order was processed. Then the composition of the order as specified by the customer will also be selected. After making these selections, the employee will calculate the price of the order.

Create a Java GUI application named Ice Cream Shop with suitable GUI that helps the proprietary toplace an order,determine the cost of one ice cream order, andrestore last saved order.
* All ice cream flavors (“Vanilla”, “Chocolate”, “Strawberry” or “ Milk caramel”) are $2.25 .

* The container is a cone ( 0.5) or a cup (0.75)
*The scoops are 1 , 2 or 3, each scoop is 1.5.
* Each extra ingredients (“Nuts”, “Cherries” or “Nothing”) is 0.50.
*The tax is 5%.
One specific order can be saved at any time. When an order is saved, the information stored on the disk is theflavor,type of container,number of scoopsandextras. The file should be named icecreamOrder.txt, and the file will always have exactly three lines of text, of the general format:
Flavor container scoops number and extras
At any point in time the user can press the Restore button, and the last saved order will be displayed on the user interface. If there is no file available (nothing has been saved yet) and the user presses Restore, then have an Alert ERROR message shown to the user. Tasks:

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