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Create a cover letter that is formatted properly and communicates the fit between your skills and the employer’s requirements

Due Date

Job Example: The University of Arizona is seeking to fill out a position of a Mathematics professor.

Requirements: Must have at least a Master's Degree in Applied Mathematics and pass a background check

Assignment Overview

• Find a job description that interests you. • Write a cover letter for the position you selected. o Utilize the guidelines and cover letter samples provided in the MBA Career Management Guide (located in the Table of Contents

file:///D:/O-MBA-BNAD-514-Week-4-Cover%20Letters.pdf OR

What is a Cover Letter? 

A supplementary document to market your skills more effectively.  Professional Experience  Professional Skills  Interest in the position and/or company  Provides an opportunity to make the connection between what the employer is looking for and what you can offer.
 What is the purpose of a Cover Letter?

 To persuade a prospective employer to read your resume  To express your passion and interest in the position and company

Types of Cover Letters  Letter of Application  Used when applying for a specific position  Prospecting Letter  Used to express interest in an organization and inquire about possible openings  Networking Letter  Used as a way to approach an individual for information about their organization, functional discipline, etc.
Cover Letter Format  Business Letter format  Written formally and professionally  Addressed to an individual contact, when possible  Customized to the position you are applying for  One-page
COVER LETTER GUIDELINES Guidelines  Salutation  Greet the reader in a formal, professional manner  Address to an individual contact, if possibly  First Paragraph  Introduce yourself and state why you are writing  Describe your unique interest in the company/position  Make your connection with the organization  Were you referred by someone?  How did you become aware of the position?  Second Paragraph  Explain what you have to offer the organization  Connect the employers needs to your skills  Third Paragraph  Thank the reader for their time and consideration  Articulate how you will follow-up
 See the Career Management Guide  Letter of Application Samples – pages 36-40  Prospecting Letters Samples – page 42  Networking Letter Samples – page 44

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