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Create a Budget
Paper instructions:
Develop a spending plan that breaks down the costs of your proposed training plan.
In a formal APA report format, include all of the details needed to create a training budget. Below are some areas you will want to consider while developing your report. As a reminder, include a title page, citations, 12 point font, and use spell check before you submit. Note that this assignment will likely be a short report (compared to the last assessments), however, a budget is an import piece because an organization needs to anticipate, plan and pay for the training costs.
1. Decide on the cost factors involved in your training. This includes the length of training (is is a one day program, a week? How long?), number of participants, and location.
2. How will the training be delivered?
3. Provide reasons to support the budget. Justify the costs.
4. Breakdown and explain each of the costs in your written report. Describe each of the cost categories in detail and explain how it applies to your training plan.
5. Prepare a table with a proposal for your training. See page 158-159 for an example of a table. See course content for additional resources. Include your table with your report.
These are the categories you will need for your cost breakdown
Prepare, Developmental costs, Direct costs, Indirect costs, Participant compensation, Evaluation costs,Total Training Costs

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