Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses the holy spirit and preaching by james forbes.

Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses the holy spirit and preaching by james forbes. Scripting is also one of the vital parts of sermons. In this phase, the focus was primarily spotlighted that how to write sermons, determine where the action is vital with respect to the word spoken. Delivery aspect was highly considered and an enormous amount of time was spent on this vital aspect. The effective reading concept was a critical phase and it requires practice and rehearsals. This aspect was not left and the focus on reading with great care was made certain. Sermon preparation and presentation is a very sacred action so no error in this regard should be made sure.

Reading the text by heart intrinsically motivates an individual and the listeners also get involved in the prayers as well. This not only depicts the seriousness of reader but also emphasize that each and every word is holy and the element of respect must be given to it. The qualities of a good preacher include that he just spoke the words from the heart and highlight the words of sheer importance and consideration.

Spiritual relationship is basically the name of the game and a good preacher must be spiritually strong. The impact of words on the listener is only visible if the words spoken by the preacher are delivered by heart. Those words, in fact, carry weight and minds can be molded through them. Bringing the people to the right track is the intention of every preacher but the techniques and tactics required for this purpose must be acquired. Spirituality is thus the strong base for the preparation of sermons and presentations2.

The first step preachers must take is to open them to the ministry of Holy Spirit. It is the core base of sermon preparation. If a preacher is not spiritually sound than how come his words would have the impact on the audience. It is observed that preachers these days neglect this vital issue and thus we observe that people are not turning towards the religion. Sermons must not be taken easily at any cost as it’s the foundation of preaching and to& the foundation strong, spirituality must play into the act.

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