consider the universal relation r a b c d e f g h i j and the set of functional depe 5195949

Consider the universal relation R = {A, B, C, D, E, F G, H I, J} and the set of functional dependencies

R = {{A, B} -> { C}, {A} ->{D, E}, {B} -> { F}, F->{G, H}, {D}->{I, J}}.

What is the key for R. Decompose R into 2NF and 3NF relations.

Note: Here, A, B, C, etc. are attributes of a relation. In other words, think of it this way, someone has asked you to create a database, but you have very little knowledge of this subject area. Since you could not really understand the attributes, you might as well use A, B, C, etc. instead of the attribute names. So, now you have to come up with a normalized database for this team.

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