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Complete your StrengthsFinder 2.0 profile, study your report, summarize your report, and be ready to discuss it on the first day of class.

Details: Go to the website and create an account first (Alternatively, you can buy the book called StrengthsFinder 2.0. The book must be new and contain an unused code for the test. This code will be found in a small envelope inside the book. By purchasing the book you are also purchasing the code. With that code, you then go to the website to take the test). If you do not want to buy the book, purchase the $15.00 test code directly from this website: Start with “access code” in the top right-hand corner. Click on “complete your purchase” and pay for the first choice, “Top 5.” Once you have paid, your access code will be emailed to you. Take the test (you will need about 1 hour of uninterrupted attention to detail). For each question, you will get just a few seconds to respond before you will be moved to the next one, so you need to go with your first instinct. The questions will seem strange and sometimes repetitive. Do not worry – this is how the test is designed, and you will be impressed with the report. When finished with the test, download your report and summarize the portion which deals with your 5 in 2-3 double-spaced pages. It is important to paraphrase and cite appropriately. Post the summary/paraphrase paper (not the entire original report itself) on Moodle to the “First class assignment” link. Please follow APA format and referencing methodology when you write your summary. Bring a hard copy of the report you downloaded from Gallup website to class and be ready to talk about it.


    • Posted: 4 years ago
    • Due: 13/01/2016
    • Budget: $20

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