complete chapter 13 exercise 3 on page 485 486 of project management the managerial 3619843

Complete Chapter 13, Exercise 3, on page 485-486 of Project Management: The Managerial Process, using Microsoft® Project 2013.

Create a network schedule, add the budget planned value (PV) by time period using the data in the exercise, and apply the completion status information to develop a status report for the project at the end of Period 4 and at the end of Period 8.



  1. A 1-page summary memo of your findings. What information are you prepared to tell the customer about the status of the project at the end of Period 8?
  2. Complete “end of period 4” and “end of period 8” tables on Exercise 3, on page 485 & 486, these tables should be part of your memo above

*Submit your Microsoft® Project file and the memo (that has completed period 4 & 8 tables) to the Assignment Files tab.

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