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Complete and correct answer is required to give fullcredit,thank you Consider the following set of requirements for an airlinedatabase that is used to keep track of flights, passengers,employees etc. for an airline. You will be graded not only on thecorrectness and completeness of the design but also on itsquality. 1)     It is important to keep track ofeach passenger’s name, address, phone number and meal preference(values could be vegetarian, sea-food, italian, anything). Attimes, it becomes necessary to refer to the city, state, and zip ofthe passenger’s address. 2)     Each flight is described by itsnumber, dep_city, arr_city, dep_time and arr_time. For thisassignment, we will assume that all entries in the database aredirect flights only. The flights are uniquely identified by theirnumber. 3)     Obviously, it is important tokeep track of all airline personnel. For each person, we need tokeep track of the unique employee number, name, address andsalary. 4)     The airline keeps track of alldepartures for one year. For each departure, weneed to have the date of departure, the flight that it represents,all personnel who are going to be assigned to it, and allpassengers that are booked on it. 5)     For each type of plane in thewhole world, the airline wants to keep track of its model numberand manufacturer. For example, the manufacturer of a plane whosemodel number is 747 is Boeing Corporation. 6)     Each aircraft owned and operatedby the airline is assigned a unique serial number, and the airlinekeeps track of what type of plane it is. For example, serial # of aspecific plane may be A1234 and type may be 747. Each departure isassigned a specific aircraft owned by the company. 7)     There is a select group ofpersonnel called pilots for whom the information about which typesof planes can they fly along with the date when they received theirpilot licenses is kept. Design an ER schema for this application, and draw an ER diagramfor that schema. Specify key attributes of each entity type andstructural constraints on each relationship type. Specify thestructural constraints using partial/total participation andspecification of cardinality ratio. If you find that thespecifications are incomplete, then make appropriate assumptionsand document them precisely. Do a complete job. . . .

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