comparison of statement of cash flows balance sheet and statements of stockholders e 3742191

Comparison of statement of cash flows, balance sheet, and statements of stockholders equity.

Comparison of statement of , balance sheet, and statements of .

Two companies are Qualcomm and Ciena corporation (telecommunications company).

IMPORTANT– there are two parts for this homework.

First of all, you will need to find the statements from the companies website which is really simple.

Next, for the statement of cash flows you will need to answer these 4 questions for each companies cash flows statements;

Identify the impact on operating cash flows (increase or decrease) for changes in inventory levels (increase or decrease) for both companies for each of the three most recent years.

What impact would a JIT inventory system have on each companies operating income? Link the answer to your response for part 1.

Would the move to a JIT system have a one-time or recurring impact on operating cash flow?

Which company does a better job of generating “Free Cash Flow? Why is this important

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