Company For Ethical Leadership

Final Portfolio Project

The Portfolio of Practice Project for this course is a 8- to 10-page academic research paper. For this assignment, you need to select a leader from a Fortune 500 company.

Your research paper must contain:

  • An executive summary. Make sure that you state the purpose of the paper. Include appropriate headings, a conclusion, in-text citations, and a list of references.
  • The following information about the company and its current leader:
    • History and current information
    • Mission, vision, and values statements
    • Current leader and the leader’s leadership style
    • Leadership and culture
    • Stance on ethics and corporate social responsibility
  • Some related theory that you have studied throughout this course such as a ethical or unethical leader
  • Research to support your main ideas about the company and the company’s leadership
  • A minimum of four additional outside sources of information, including the company’s Web site.

Use APA format to cite sources and style your paper

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