chemical abstracts on line the following problems are arranged in order of increasin 5206475

Chemical Abstracts On-Line

The following problems are arranged in order of increasing difficulty so you should work them in the order given. Your search is to be conducted in the LCA file (the learning database). Since LCA is a static file, the number of answers that should be found are indicated in parentheses. Provide bibliographic information for each question. If there are more than 5 documents, you only need to provide the bibliographic information for the first and last answers. Submit your answers via Moodle as a pdf file using the convention: Assign4_YourlastnameFirstinitial_specific_index_searching.pdf.


  1. Find papers by P. Leslie Dutton on photosynthesis. (4 answers) 
  2. What type of compounds are being used as hydrosulfurization catalysts? Hint: Don't forget to search the abstract index. (15 answers) How many of these articles are patents? 
  3. Find the composition of stick antiperspirant or deodorant. (1 answer)
  4. Making fibers waterproof or water repellant is a big business. Locate articles on this topic. (25 answers) How many patents does 3M hold in this area? 
  5. Wine-making is an old science, but it has yielded to modern ways. Find applications of chromatography to monitor wine quality. (7 answers)
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