can someone help me to solve 1 1 and 1 3please 3732969

Can someone help me to solve 1.1 and 1.3please ?

LEMS Section 1.4-Unit Vector 11 Determine the unit vecior along the direction OR, where O i the origin and P is rac+ point (4,-5, 1). 1.2 Points A(4,-6,2), B(-2,0,3), and C(10, 1, -7) form a triangle. Show that ras Sections 1.5-1.7-Vector Addition, Subtraction, and Multiplication 1.3 IA -4,-22, + 6a, and B 12a, +18a,-8a determine (a) A 3 b) (2A+5B)/IB (c) a, x A (d) (Bx a).a 1.4 Let vectors As 104,-6+, + 8a, and B-a,+2a, Find: (a) A . B, (b) A x B. (c) 2A-3B. One-touch access to VAIO Care the Web Gallery

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