c programming write a program that converts a temperature given in fahrenheit into c 5150174

C# Programming

Write a program that converts a temperature given in Fahrenheit into Celsius. Allow the user to enter values for the original Fahrenheit value. Display the original temperature and the formatted converted value. Number align values. Use appropriate methods for entering, calculating, and outputting results.


Fahrenheit                         Celsius

xxx°F xxx°C

Note: To change the text color on the console in C#:

                              Console.foregroundColor = ConsoleColor.Green;               // changes the foreground color

                              Console.ResetColor();                                                                 // resets the color

               The unicode decimal value for the degree is 176 (00B0 in hex). So, to print the character, assign

                              char degree = 'u00B0' ;

and print degree as a character type.

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