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By now, you’ve all heard the caveat that Wikipedia (HYPERLINK “” is a “bad” source to use for research assignments in college. But why? For this short assignment, do some research about Wikipedia. Who writes the articles that show up on Wikipedia? What credentials do the writers need? How do articles get edited? Can the validity of articles be challenged? How will readers know if someone has questioned the credibility (biases, truthfulness) of an article? Include any information about Wikipedia that you think might be relevant to a reader who wants to understand how the site works. Conclude with your assessment, based on your research, of whether Wikipedia should be considered a reliable, authoritative source for college research papers. (You’re welcome to make any assessment of Wikipedia’s credibility you want, as long as it’s based on your research. For the record, for your work in this class, while Wikipedia might be a good starting point, it is still not considered an authoritative source. )

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