To provide students with an opportunity to research a foreign country of interest that has an international company and discuss the strengths, weaknesses, opportunity and threats essential to the company. It provides an opportunity to conceptualize more definitively the information gleaned from reading assignments and responses to the critical thinking discussion postings.

The following outline may be useful but not mandatory:

1. Select a country

2. Product marketed in the country

3. Size of the country (demographics, socioeconomic state, urban/rural)

4. Culture of the country

5. Marketing and distribution strategy of the product

6. Financial viability

7. Competition in the market

For example, Japan exports Toyota cars. Walmart is an international business.

The research paper will be a minimum of four (4) pages but no more than seven (7) pages, double spaced in APA formation (6th edition). DO NOT EXCEED THE NUMBER OF PAGES. IF THE ASSIGNMENT REQUIRES 7 PAGES, PLEASE SUBMIT ONLY 7 PAGES. The cover sheet and reference pages are not included in the page count. Use a coversheet, margins and fonts required for scholarly APA writing. Maps and charts are not needed for this assignment. Utilize peer reviewed articles and books. Such resources may be obtained via the Amberton Library. Students should select a country involved in international business and research a product manufactured in that country.

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