Business Strategies Case Study

Company: Target

Research Paper with 8 pages, APA Format, Double Space, Times New Roman

company of your choice and perform a case study similar to the Telenor case study described in the above article.

o You may not have direct access to the company you select, which means you may not be able to conduct interviews, and you may not have access to all the information you would like access to.

o Your case study must follow APA guidelines (see my guide in Week 1)

o Your case study paper must be organized with the following level two headings. Use level one and level three headings as needed).

  • Company Background
  • Company Business Strategy
  • Company IS/IT Strategy
  • IS Strategy Triangle (Read Shanardi and        find other resources 
  • Strategic Alignment Model (Read Henderson and        Venkatraman and find other resources 
  • Strategic Alignment Maturity Model (Read CIO wiki and        find other resources 
  • Strategic Grid (Read McFarlan, McKenney, and        Pyburn and find other resources 
  • Limitations (Cover the limitations of your study and        paper)
  • Conclusions

o Your paper must include at least five scholarly sources beyond the resources provided on Blackboard


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