behavioral models comprise communication diagrams and sequence diagrams these diagra 5003374

Behavioral models comprise communication diagrams and sequence diagrams. These diagrams show the messages that objects send and receive and the order of those messages. Behavioral models also include state machine diagrams, which indicate what happens to each of the objects in the system once those messages, or interactions, occur.

In this Assignment, use the WestEast College case(please find attached) to create a behavioral model that depicts the system’s interactions with the students. Using one use case as your basis, perform the following steps:

  • 1. Create a sequence diagram.
  • 2. Create a communication diagram.
  • 3. Create a behavioral state machine diagram.
  • 4. Perform a CRUD analysis.
  • 5. Justify the choices you made in your behavioral model.
  • 6. Briefly explain the relationship between your behavioral model and your structural and functional models you created in the last assignment (please find attached).

Cite your sources according to APA guidelines.

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