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Behavioral Impact of Cost Information Bill Christensen, the production manager, was grumbling about the new quality cost system the plant controller wanted to put into place. “ If we start trying to track every bit of spoiled material, we ’ ll never get any work done. Everybody knows when they ruin something. Why bother to keep track? This is a waste of time. Besides, this isn ’ t the ?rst time scrap reduction has been emphasized. You tell my workers to reduce scrap, and I ’ ll guarantee it will go away, but not in the way you would like. ” Required: 1. Why do you suppose that the controller wants a written record of spoiled material? If “ everybody knows ” what the spoilage rate is, what bene?ts can come from keeping a written record? 2. Now consider Bill Christensen ’ s position. In what way(s) could he be correct? What did hemean by his remark concerning scrap reduction? Can this be avoided? Explain.

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