beckett appliance repair inc ended december 2015 with accounts receivable of 2 400 a 4138094

Beckett Appliance Repair, Inc., ended December 2015 with Accounts Receivable of $2,400 and a debit balance in Allowance for Uncollectible Accounts of $175. During January 2016, Beckett Appliance Repair, Inc., completed the following transactions:

a. Sales of $52,000, which included $38,000 in credit sales and $14,000 of cash sales. Ignore cost of goods sold.

b. Cash collections on account, $36,000.

c. Write-offs of uncollectible receivables, $340.

d. Bad debt expense, estimated as 4% of credit sales.


1. Prepare journal entries to record sales (ignore cost of goods sold), collections, write-offs of un-collectibles, and bad debt expense by the percent-of-sales method.

2. Calculate the ending balances in Accounts Receivable, Allowance for Uncollectible Accounts, and net Accounts Receivable at January 31, 2016. How much does Beckett Appliance Repair, Inc., expect to collect?

Beckett Appliance Repair Inc ended December 2015 with Accounts Receivable

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