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Background: In this unit, we have discussed and analyzed some of the traditional concepts of the heroic outlaw. We have focused on classic tales of Robin Hood, compiled by Howard Pyle, and how these tales establish a foundation for the definition and purpose of an outlaw (and an outlaw narrative). In addition, we have discussed the importance of integrating claims and support from scholarly articles to strengthen arguments. Through reading scholarly articles, we can create a voice and enter into the academic conversation. Assignment: For the first essay, you will be required to produce an effective argument based on the novel, The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood, by Howard Pyle. You will be required to use at least two of the scholarly articles provided in this unit. Essay Question: How does Howard Pyles outlaw narrative establish fundamental concepts of what it means to be a hero? Consider the following questions as you brainstorm and develop a thesis: Characters: Is Robin Hood a hero? Is he always portrayed as a hero? How do other characters compare? Historical Relevance: How does the context of the novel influence the characters and themes of the story? How might this novel represent the values and beliefs of its era, and how might audiences respond to Robin Hoods symbolism through these tales? Authority: How are authoritative figures portrayed, and how do the outlaws respond to these characters? What is the social structure within the law-abiding world, and what is the structure among the outlaws? Laws and Moral Codes: What laws do the outlaws abandon, and which do they choose to uphold? What new laws are created to promote order in an unlawful life? How do various characters react to these rules, and what are the consequences for breaking them? Outlaw Life: Are these characters forced into the outlaw life, or do they choose to become rebels? How does the community react to them? Research: Choose at least two of the following articles to synthesize in your essay. ? Graham Seal, The Robin Hood Principle ? John Cech, Pyles Robin Hood: Still Merry After All These Years ? Scott MacLeod, Howard Pyles Robin Hood: The Middle Ages for Americans ? Jill P. May, The Heros Woods: Pyles Robin Hood and the Female Reader A successful essay will include a clear and direct thesis, analysis that provides specific examples from the novel with connections to selected scholarly articles, and a conclusion that clearly illustrates your argument.

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