assignment no 04 semester spring 2009 cs201 introduction toprogramming total marks 2 3805881

Assignment No. 04
Semester: Spring 2009

CS201: Introduction toProgramming

Total Marks: 20

Due Date:09/06/2009


Please read the following instructions carefully beforesubmitting assignment:

It should be clear that your assignment will not get anycredit if:

§The assignment is submitted after due date.

§The submitted assignment does not open or file iscorrupt.

§All types of plagiarism are strictlyprohibited.

Note: You have to upload only.cpp file. Assignment in any other format(extension) will not beaccepted. If you will submit codein .doc (Word document) you will get zero marks.


The objective of this assignment is to provide hands onexperience of using

§Conceptsof classes in C++


§Codeshould be properly aligned and well commented.

§Followc/c++ rules while writing variables names, function names etc

§Use onlydev-C++ for this assignment.


Problem Statement:

  1. Create a BankTransaction class.
  2. Create following static data members:

Balance to showbalance.

New Balance to get Newbalance from the user.

Adjustment in order todo the adjustment in balance.

Annual Interest Rate isused for the calculation of the interest.

Interest data member toshow the interest amount.

  1. Create constructor which display message whenobject is created.
  2. Create destructor which display message whenan object is destroyed.
  1. Bank Transaction class have following public memberfunctions:

Deposit () to despiteamount in the account.

Withdrawal () towithdraw the amount from the bank.

Balance () functionfor displaying the current balance.

InterestRate () to setthe interest rate. You must get interest

rate fromtheuser.

AnnualInterest () isused to calculate the interest. The interest

calculated should be deductedfrom the balance and the new balance

after the deduction should beshown to the user.

  1. Now in the main; display a menu.

1: Deposit

2: Withdraw

3: Get Balance

4: Set annual interest rate

5: Calculate interest

Perform appropriate function when users select the option. Ifoption is wrong then display the appropriate message. You shouldalso give optionto the user if he/she wants to perform morefunctions.


Your assignment must be uploaded/submitted on or before09-06-2009

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