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Assignment Instructions

1.What hardware device does your PC use to make your Internet connection?

2.You just purchased a laptop computer and want to connect it to your network which supports 802.11g wireless LAN.  Research the cost of a wireless LAN card to insert into your laptop's PC card slot.  Compare the data transfer rates of the cards you've researched.

3.  Answer the following questions regarding your computer's network connection.

a.  What type of NIC is installed in your comptuter – an expansion card, a wireless card or an embedded NIC?

b.  Use the status of your Local Area Connection object to determine the speed of your network adapter.

c.  What type of network cable is used to connect your NIC to the LAN?  What are its proerties in terms of connectors and maximum length?

d.  What's the speed of your LAN?

e.  Is your network using peer-to-peer model or the client/server model?

f.  If your computer is using the client/server model, is your computer part of a Windows domain?  If so what is the name of the domain?

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    • Due: 14/01/2016
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