assessment criteria specific instructions you are to produce a portfolio of work for 4958214

Assessment Criteria/ specific instructions
You are to produce a Portfolio of work for this module. The aim of the portfolio is to test your ability to analyse information you have collected from a variety of

sources. Completing the portfolio will allow you to develop a deeper understanding of Marketing and how theories and concepts relate to each other. You will also have

the opportunity to reflect on your performance and working practices. The portfolio should be developed during the course of the semester and seminar time will be used

to discuss and check your progress. It is therefore important that you bring your completed portfolio work to class during weeks 3, 5, 8 and 10

The portfolio will have 3 sections
Section 1 Worth 70% Marketing Issues portfolio piece 1 and 2
Section 2 Worth 15% Performance reflection
Section 3 Worth 15% Online Test.
Section 1: Marketing issues. Each issue should be presented in a report format of 750 words (plus or minus 10%).
Each 750 word section should relate to the following marketing areas.
Issue 1 The marketing environment Issue 2 Consumer Behaviour
Following the portfolio checklist on page 9 and the portfolio outline on page 8 will help you produce your submission as will the portfolio guide on the learning


Please note that the format of this element of assessment is a report. It is expected that you will submit a well-structured paper with accurate Harvard referencing.

Your portfolio may also contain appropriate referenced illustrations such as figures, tables, graphs, etc. Work may be penalised if the standard of English, numeracy

or presentation adversely affects the quality of the work, or where the work submitted exceeds the word count, or where the work fails to acknowledge sources

Students may not submit drafts for formative feedback prior to final submission of assessment, however there will be time in seminars where draft outlines can be

review. Please do not send work to your tutor for comment.
Portfolio outline
1. Understand which specific topic/area you will be focusing on.
2. Find an business news article that relates to the issue topic
3. Pick out key points of article.
4. Collect theoretical information from a variety of sources text books and 2 academic articles that relate to the topic
5. Produce 2 definitions from different sources
6. Produce Analysis –You will only be able to analyse if you have undertaken sufficient reading. The ability to analyse comes from having enough knowledge on a subject

to be able to ‘pick it apart’.
7. Overall conclusion – a very brief statement about the effectiveness of the organisations/applications ability to use the marketing concept.

Outline contents page.
The following includes a list of subheadings that you might consider using to help you write your 750 words. Obviously feel free to use your own, but this will

definitely help you with the structure.
Must be clear, concise and very brief
Article overview
o What is the article discussing
o Identify the source of your article (where you found it) and make a very brief comment about its credibility.
Topic overview
o What topic are you specifically writing about, ie the topic of Market Environment, focusing specifically on the economic environment.
o Definitions x 2 ? ensure that these are referenced and use 2 different sources

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