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Article review

The purpose of the assignment is to get you in touch with the scientific literature as it pertains to biogeography and your own personal interests. As such, I would like you all to find a research article that interests you and write an approximately two-page (11 font; 1.5 spaced) review. THE REVIEW SHOULD NOT BE A REGURGITATION OF THE ABSTRACT! As with all writing, this assignment should include an:

Introduction: This section should be dedicated to the overall purpose of the paper, its major points, and a general conclusion.

Body: For a review, the most common approach is to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the major components of the paper: Abstract, intro, methods, results, and conclusions. You should also note the major points of these sections.

Criticism: as critical review, I would like you to highlight on two points that you think the research is doing great and two points that you think needs improvement or you think is problematic.

Conclusion: Wrap up your review with a general feeling about how the paper was crafted, the science presented, and the conclusions drawn.

I would also like you to include three outside references to support some of your criticisms and validations. These should obviously not be cited in the paper itself, and should be the result of your own literature search. If you have any questions feel free to contact me. 

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    • Due: 23/01/2016
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