Anglo-American cultures

In this module, you read about Indian and Anglo-American cultures, and how vastly different they are. These differences have have hampered communication and understanding with one another for years.

One of the many issues that these groups commonly face is the concept of deculturalization based on western views that are formed and structured in the education system. These superior norms also have the power to influence change or elimination of linguistic and cultural traditions. During the Civil Rights Movement, school segregation and American Indian cultural and linguistic suppression became a focal point of change for all.

To successfully complete this research paper assignment, structure your paper through the lens of Global Corporate culture expectations and a Separate but Equal framework. This will assist you to objectively decide the benefits and cons to both American Indian and Anglo-American cultures.


In your paper, answer the following:

  1. What options do American Indians have for improving their position in the larger society and developing their reservations?
  2. What strategies seem to have the most promise?
  3. Which strategies are least effective? Why?


  • Your paper must be 1200–1600 words
  • Do not forget to include a thesis statement (statement of purpose/intent) and indicate the topics to be covered
  • Use only professional, objective language
  • Use APA style
  • You must have two scholarly articles referenced that provide support for the material that is addressed

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