analyze the odd network behavior provided in the text sheet entitled network attacks 4956554

Analyze the odd network behavior provided in the text sheet entitled “Network Attacks and IDS/IPS Analysis”, describe the attacks, and then describe how to prevent them.

Aim Higher Colleges network engineers and system administrators have reported a number of odd network behaviors and system outages. A variety of traffic has been captured in response to this. In addition, network engineers report that the college is seeing very high levels of traffic from a wide variety of hosts and that this traffic is causing outages for both the colleges Web servers and periodic slowdowns or failure of its external commodity Internet links. This data is provided to you in the text sheet entitled “Network Attacks and IDS/IPS Analysis”.

Aim Higher College system administrators have requested that you review network traffic to determine whether the institutions intrusion detection system (IDS) and intrusion prevention system (IPS) can be used to prevent inbound attacks that are being detected. Your manager has requested that you analyze the detected attacks and create a report that describes each attack, explains the threat it presents, and if an IDS or an IPS is suited to dealing with it.

Specifically, your report should include:
A description or name for each attack
A description of what the attack is trying to do
Whether an IDS could or should be used to detect it and whether it can be blocked using an IPS

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