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Assessment type: Written assessment, Individual assignment (2,000 words).Purpose: The purpose of this assessment is to demonstrate student awareness of current industry and research trends in the field of information security. Analyse and evaluate the organizational adoption of security controls. Design solutions for concrete security problems for distributed applications This assessment contributes to learning outcomes c, d.Value: 30% Due Date: Week 11Submission requirements details: All work must be submitted on Moodle by the due date. Reference sources must be cited in the text of the report, and listed appropriately at the end in a reference list using Harvard Anglia referencing style.Assessment topic: Security Plan and Training ProgramTask Details: This assignment requires you to design a security plan based on a given case study. The learning outcomes of this assignment are to recognize the threats that exist in your current or future work place. Through your research, identify the threats, outline security guidelines and develop a robust and pragmatic training programme. You should develop a plan that you would regard as helpful to you, the information user, as well as protecting your organization’s information environment. Use your imagination in combination with a wide-range of material. You are required to complete and submit a security plan based on the following scenario:Case Study Scenario:The director of Cyber Café was concerned of the information assurance and network security concerns. The director was concerned that a virus or other forms of cyber-attack could cause extended downtime, which would have a negative impact on morale and productivity. It turned out, there were threats received via email. Law enforcement agencies were notified and the source of the emails was tracked back to one of the Cyber Café Locations. The Law enforcement agencies shut down the Cyber Cafés for 2 days during the investigation. Due to the non-existence of security policies at the Cyber Café, it could not be determined who specifically sent the email. This incident did get the attention of upper management, which made getting approval for most of the recommendations much easier.There are actually 3 locations that fall under the Cyber Café umbrella. The primary location, known as ECC, consists of 30 workstations and is open 24 hours a day. The second location is inside a food service outlet known as CPC. This location consists of 10 workstations and is open from 1100-2200 daily. The third location is in the library. This location consists of 2 workstations and the hours vary. The Cyber Cafés are located in a very remote location. The nearest computer/electronics store is 7 hours away. Nearly 100% of the local population is either a company employee or works for a contractor supporting company operations. There is a small telephone company that services the area and provides ISP services. The charge for Dial-up Internet access is $.05 per minute. Long Distance phone calls start at $.50 per minute; due to the remote location all extra-company calls are long distance. The Cyber Café offers free Internet access and is the main form of communication between the employees and their friends and family. The availability of these Cyber Cafés has a direct impact on morale and employee productivity.a) Identify few employees of the organization and conduct interviews to gather information on the major complaintsb) Identify what are the organizational holdings at riskICT 205 CYBER SECURITY T319 28/10/2019 13:39 PAGE 11 OF 15 *AUSTRALIAN INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS AND MANAGEMENT PTY LTD © ABN: 72 132 629 979 CRICOS 03171A Approved by KOI Academic Board for T3 2019

ICT205c) Apart from the threats that has been recognized by the employees develop a list of other possible threatsd) Design a security plan with the details of necessary counter-measures to manage and address the threatse) Develop a comprehensive information security training and awareness program for the staff personnel of the organizationThe discussion should focus on the asses, threats and security measures (including physical security). The report should address the following requirements as mentioned in the following table: SectionsExecutive Summary IntroductionSecurity PlanSecurity CountermeasuresTrainingSecurity Policy ConclusionDescription of the sectionSummary on what the report is addressing 1Give an introduction on what is security 3 from the organization’s perspective and what is the need for a security planDetail on how the organization wants to 7 attain security (identify risks, threats, attacks)Identify solutions to safeguard the 7 organization (physical, human, electronic countermeasures)Identify level of awareness provided for the 5 usersDevelop an appropriate security plan 5Conclusion based on the findings in the 2Marks reportAssessment 2 Marking Rubric: Security Plan and Training Program Value 30%Total 30 CriteriaFail(0 – 49%)Pass (50 – 64%)Credit (65 – 74%)Distinction (75 – 84%)High Distinction (85 – 100%) Research –extent and applicationValue 15% Mark awarded Very difficult to read the structure Some difficulty in reading structure and lacking information Well written structure but not very clear Well written and structured Very clearly written and structured Analysis of the topicValue 5% Mark awarded Does not directly answer question Directly answered most of the question Directly answers the question Directly answers the question giving additional insights Directly answers the question, gives additional insights and theoretical perspectives Recommendations/ conclusionsValue 10% Mark awarded No support for the position taken in the answer and conclusion presented Provides some support for the position taken and conclusion based on some argumentProvides good level of support for position taken and conclusion based on sound argument Provides excellent level of support for position taken and conclusion based on extensive argumentProvides exceptional level of support for position taken and conclusion based on extensive and compelling argument Presentation Value xx%Mark awarded NA NA NA NA NA Total Mark: / 30% COMMENTS: This assignment does not require a demonstration to be provided by the students.

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