acme employs over 40 000 workers for three shifts and most employees work overtime w 3759929

Acme employs over 40,000 workers for three shifts, and most employees work overtime when necessary. Additional information about payroll procedures follows:

• The HR department determines the wage rates of all employees. The process begins when a form authorizing the addition of a new employee to the payroll master file is sent to the payroll coordinator for review and approval. Once the information about the new employee is entered in the system, the computer automatically calculates the overtime and shift differential rates for that employee.

• A local accounting firm provides Acme with monthly payroll tax updates, which are used to modify the tax rates.

• Employees record time worked on time cards. Every Tuesday morning the previous week’s time cards are collected from a bin next to the time clock, and new time cards are left for employees to use. The payroll department manager reviews the time cards to ensure that hours are correctly totaled; the system automatically determines if overtime has been worked or a shift differential is required.

• The payroll department manager performs all the other activities necessary to ensure accurate and timely delivery of payroll. The payroll department manager who does not believe in taking vacation has received numerous awards for perfect attendance over a twelve year employee tenure.

•The system automatically assigns a sequential number to each payroll check. The checks are stored in a box next to the printer for easy access. After the checks are printed, the payroll department manager uses an automatic check-signing machine to sign the checks. The signature plate is kept locked in a safe. After the checks have been signed, the payroll manager distributes the paychecks to all first-shift employees. Paychecks for the other two shifts are given to the shift supervisor for distribution.

• The payroll master file is backed up bi-weekly, after payroll processing is finished. The back-up process is reviewed and approved by the payroll department manager. REQUIRED: for each bull it point, identify and describe the weaknesses in Acme Enterprises’ payroll process. labol each bull it point and write in your own words

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