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Use the Higher-Order Functions map, foldr, and foldl to build a function that turns and integer list L into a list of reals, each of which is the absolute value of the element on L.



Give a value of type (real, real) maping, where the type mapping is defined by

type ('d, 'r) mapping= ('d * 'r) list;

Your value should have 3 pairs.



Write a function that takes a btree as it's argument and returns a pair consisting of the left and right subtrees. Define an exception for the erroneous case where the tree is empty.



Write a program to sort an Array A of length n using A simple n^2 time sort such as bubble sort of insertion sort.



Write a function to cycle an array A of length n by one position



Write expressions to compute the average of the values referred to by x and , which are ref-variables and refer to reals

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