a list ofkey value pairs is stored using two arrays namely keys and values where ke 5346193

. A list ofkey-value pairs is stored using two arrays namely keys and values,where keys[i] hold the ith key and values[i] hold theith value. Thus reordering of elements in keys requiresreordering of respective elements in values. Assuming that a key iseither 0 or 1, write a non-recursive Java method to sort the listin non-decreasing order by comparing the keys at most ntimes. And the total running time should not exceedO(n). Youralgorithm must sort the list in-place and you should not createadditional lists.Example of a result list sorted by keys is asfollows:                                               

   keys:             0      0     0     0      1      1    1      1

  values:          21    7      4     8      76   100 32    15     

public class KeyValueList {

  private int keys[];

  private int values[];

  private intmanyItems;       

publicKeyValueList(int maxSize) {

        keys = newint[maxSize];

        values = newint[maxSize];



   // Don’timplement accessor and mutuator methods.

   public void swap(int s, int d) {

        int temp;

        temp =keys[s];   keys[s] = keys[d];  keys[d] = temp;

        temp = values[s];values[s]= values[d]; values[d]= temp;


   // manyItems is the number of elements to besorted.

   // Simply ignore the values in comparisons.

   public void sort() {




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