2-Please Answer Based On These Answers As They Are Listed, Each One Must Be Answered In APAform And Not Less Than 150 Words profile

4-One potential barrier to the success of my projet will be being able to keep children and their parents and caregivers is keeping them engaged long enough to see positive changes. Weight loss and management is a process and keeping with it can be trying. One way to combat this would be to check in periodically to provide encouragement and assess progress. A lack of trust in the process or not fully understanding the EBP can hinder healthcare professionals from continuing to adhere to the practice (Spallek et al., 2010).


Spallek, H., Song, M., Polk, D. E., Bekhuis, T., Frantsve-Hawley, J., & Aravamudhan, K. (2010). Barriers to implementing evidence-based clinical guidelines: A survey of early adopters. J Evid Based Dent Pract., 195-206


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