2 cis you will write a flowchart and c code for a program that does the following a 5148954

#2 cis

You will write a flowchart, and C code for a program that does the following:

  1. Asks a user for their age.
  2. Uses an “if” statement to determine if the user is under age 18.
  3. Has appropriate output telling the user if they can vote or not.

Here is what the program looks like when it's executed:

Submission Instructions

Upload your Flowgorithm file, your .c file, and a screenshot of your code output saved in a Word document including the path name directory at the top of the screen into the dropbox for grading. Note – Do Not Copy and Paste the output as seen in the directions of this exercise. This considered plagiarizing. You will upload three files for grading.

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