15points writeac functionusingthestlstringwhichcandetermineifastringsisapalindrome 5347115

(15points)WriteaC++functionusingtheSTLstringwhichcandetermineifastringsisapalindrome, that is, it is equal to its reverse. For example, “racecar” and “gohangasalamiimalasagnahog” are palindromes. Provide 7 test cases, including: the empty string, 4 string which are palindromes and two string which are not palindromes. Write the running time function in terms of n, the length of the string, and its big-O notation to represent the efficiency of your algorithm. Submit an electronic copy of your code and results of all your experiments for grading.

(10 points) Write a function (in pseudo code) which takes as an input an object of vector type and removes an element at the rank k in the constant time, O(1). Assume that the order of elements does not matter.

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