12 month temperature program in c write a program that accepts inputs from a user th 5347082

12 Month Temperature Program in C

Write a program that accepts inputs from a user. The user indicates the month of the
year. The program then reads 2 temperature samples for that month. If the
temperature is above record high or record low, then the program must indicate it as
a new record. The program must also identify the category the temperature falls into.
For example, for January, the following categories apply:

a. Record high: temp >= 65
b. Average high: 43.5
c. Average low: 17.5
d. Low: -14
e. Record low: temp

Finally, the program must identify the season (assume that winter is composed of
December, January and February; Spring of March, April and May; Summer of June,
July, and August; and Fall of September, October, an November). Once the season is
identified, the program computes the average of the 2 temperatures and indicates weather
that average is above, below, or the same of the season average. The average of a month
is the average of

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