1 write the statement which declares apointer to an integer data type name the point 5347027

Write the statement, which declares apointer to an integer data-type. Name the pointer 'd_address'.

Write a functiondefinition header named 'return_address' which returns a pointer toa dynamically created array of integers. The function shouldreceive an integer in a variable named 'numbers'.
Note: do not write the code for the function block, onlythe header!

3.Write the statement, which dynamically creates a newarray of integers. The number of elements for this array should be'numbers'. The address of this new array should be assigned topointer variable 'd_address'.
Assume that'd_address' is already declared.

4.Rewrite the following in pointer notation.Use the simplest form, assuming that this call is not part of aloop; in other words, do not include a counter which would reachthe zero element:

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