1 write a program that lets users enter their name department school university stat 5347008

1. Write a program that lets users enter their name, department/school, university, state, and post code , and store the information in a text area when the Store Button is clicked. The state is a JComboBox item.


Define a subclass of JPanel called MyCol or Chooser that provides three JSIider objects and three JText objects. Each JSlider represents the values from 0 to 255 for the red, green, blue parts of a color. Use red, green, blue values to Color constructor to create a new Color object. Display the current value of each JSlider in the corresponding JTextField.

When the user changes the value of each of the JSlider, the JTextField should be changed accordingly. Define MyColor or Chooser so it can be reused in other applications or applets. Use your new GUI components as part of an application that displays the current Color value by drawing a filled rectangle of that color. Use a GridLayout with MyCol or Chooser.

Define a subclass of JPanel called DrawPanel to display the current color as a filled rectangle.


Modify the MyColor Chooser class of part (A). to allow the user to type an integer value into a JTextField to set the red, green or blue value. When the user presses Enter in the JTextField, the corresponding JSlider should be set to the appropriate value.

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