1 write a program tat reads a four digit integer such as 1998 and then displays it o 5347014

1) Write a program tat reads a four digit integer, such as 1998 ,and then displays it, one digit per line so:





Your prompt should tell the user to enter a four-digit integer. You can then assume that the user follows directions. (Hint remainder operators.)

2)  Repeat the previous project, but read the four digit integer as a string. Use String methods of the hint.

3) Write a program that converts degrees from Fahrenheit to Celsius, using the formula


DegreesC = 5(DegreesF ?32)/9

Prompt the user to enter a temperature in degrees Fahrenheit as a whole number without a fractional part. Then have the program display the equivalent Celsius temperature, including the fractional part to at least one decimal point. A possible dialogue with the user might be

Enter a temperature in degrees Fahrenheit: 72

72 degrees Fahrenheit is 22.2 degrees Celsius.

Please no complicated programs, this is a beginners level java programming.

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