1 write a lab report on number systems your report should cover the following a a pa 5216658

1.     Write a Lab Report on “Number Systems”. Your report should cover the following:

a.       A paragraph (100 words on Number System)

b.      Several separate paragraphs on the following sub-topics:

                                                              i.      Application of Number System in Digital World

                                                            ii.      Binary Number System

                                                          iii.      Octal Number System

                                                          iv.      Hexadecimal Number System

                                                            v.      BCD Code

                                                          vi.      Excess 3 Code

                                                        vii.      Gray Code

                                                      viii.      ASCII Code


2.      You can either use paper or computer to write the report. If you use computer, upload your Lan Report to Blackboard Link LA2 (Number Systems). 

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