1 write a java program called namecollector that contains an object invocation for a 5346983

1) Write a Java program called “NameCollector†that contains an object invocation for a class called “Collectorâ€.

2) Write a separate Java “Collector†class (not contained within the“NameCollector†program code) that contains the following 2 methods:

a. Names – used to store student names and respective scores in two single dimensional arrays (i.e. void method). Code will not be acceptaed if you use a muti-dimensional array.

b. SortRoutine – accepts an array of student names and scores and sorts them in high to low score sequence with the respective student names (i.e. void method) and displays the sorted order of scores with associated student names to the screen.

3) Within your program code, invoke the object method to enable the input of student names and after all student names are entered in the array, invoke the object method to sort the array of students. Last, output to the screen the sorted data.

4) Link your Java program and class code together in your IDE, compile your program and run.

Note: Please also explain how to connect using the IDE. THanks.

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