1 write a function bool isevendigit char ch that takes a character and returns true 5346964

1. Write a function bool IsEvenDigit( char ch ); that takes a character and returns true if the character is one of the even digits { '0', '2', '4', '6', '8' } otherwise false. Write a main() program that calls IsEvenDigit() with various characters, and uses the return value from IsEvenDigit() to decide to print one of two messages, that the character is an even digit or that the character is not an even digit. The function IsEvenDigit() may neither print nor accept input. You may make none of the decisions about the character's properties outside of IsEvenDigit(). Test with at least all the digits '0' through '9', the letters 'a', 'b' and 'c' (both lower and upper case), and several other characters such as punctuation marks and other special characters. You may use any method you want to prompt for or otherwise generate characters to send to IsEvenDigit()

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